Windows 8.1: Installation with Notes on UEFI and SecureBoot

This guide is obsolete, please see the updated guide below:

10 thoughts on “Windows 8.1: Installation with Notes on UEFI and SecureBoot

  1. fabulous guide, my inheritted Studio 1537 is now compfortably running 8.1 :). My only add-on would be to remind novices such as my self to insert the Windows media before powering off for the first time.
    Mr Yip you are truly a star.

  2. I will be using this guide sometime this week as my new XPS 8700 desktop is now in a box at home. I plan to install 8.1 on the 256 GB SSD which will be installed in the computer's mSATA slot (as delivered, 8.1 is installed on an internal 1TB spinning hard disk). I plan to request the 8.1 resinstallation DVD from Dell later tonight. The computer and its media have literally never been used so I look forward to a streamlined installation process.

    I'm a little wary of the whole process because, oddly enough, your writing here and elsewhere makes it seem so easy. Any additional hints for exactly what I am planning?

    Thanks so much for your work and I will report back.

    1. If you want to clean install download a Windows 8.1 .iso and make a bootable .iso opposed to requesting a DVD from Dell. The Reinstallation DVD may have issues with SecureBoot and UEFI. See here for details:

      If you are satisfied with Factory settings you may alternatively use Dell Backup and Recovery, see these new tutorial videos I made yesterday:

  3. I am having dell Inspiron N3010 laptop which was with win8 original and arch linux (dual boot). But due to some problem windows fail and I lost all data and windows Now I am installing Windows 8.1 on my LAPTOP (Custom installation ) but I get the following error message when the installation is on the "Installing updates" step of the installation:

    "Setup cannot continue due to a corrupted installation file. Contact the vendor of your Windows installation disc or your system administrator for assistance."

      1. Did that and not solved the problem…The usb Flash Drive gives only to may laptop (dell) this error "corrupted installation file". I have used the usb flash drive to install onto another laptop and installed win8.1 without any problem…The issue might be the hard drive?

  4. Hello and thanks for your guide. I have a Inspiron one 2330 and the hard drive crashed. I purchased a new 1TB hard drive but not sure if it's either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 installed on it. I have a Dell oem Windows 8.1 64 Bit DVD and was trying to install it but it's asking for a product key which I don't have. I have secure boot enabled and its still asking. Does this mean I should have a Dell Windows 8 DVD and not 8.1 in order to get past the product key. I really need help getting this fixed.

  5. Absolutely amazing guide! Very detalied and well written, thank you so much, Philip, for your time and effort, it really saved my day! =D

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