DeepIn Linux 20

DeepIn Linux is a Linux distribution made by the Wuhan Deepin Technology Company in China. This company appear to be partnering with Huawei in a move to replace Windows as an Operating System on their hardware (similar to Google and Chromebook but this OS is much more functional and has the full capabilities of a Linux distribution). DeepIn Linux 20 Beta is freely available to download from their website and I demonstrate downloading the ISO, making a Bootable USB and performing a Clean Installation on a Dell OptiPlex 7040 and then taking it for a test drive. I then move to a Latitude 7350 to test its touchscreen capabilities. Although this is a Linux distribution it should be very familiar for Windows users due to having a very similar user interface to Windows 7/8.1 and 10.

The biggest bugs I found on a Latitude 7350 was with the onscreen keyboard, it does not work very well and the screen does not autorotate when in tablet mode.

Full installation instructions, download links and more detailed testing is available on my written guide:

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  1. just a quick, curious question, philip: does it improve performance of the device, compared to the crawling performance of windows 10? (i have inspiron 3421, 2015 most probably).

    1. Try a clean install of Windows 10 Version 2004. It has substantial performance increases on older hardware due to changes in the way it indexes files.

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