Windows 7 Reaches End of Life in Less than 6 Months! You Can Still Upgrade to Windows 10 For Free

Windows 7 Reaches End of Life in precisely 6 months as of today. This means Microsoft will no longer patch Windows 7. Without Security Patches it will become vulnerable and more susceptible to Malicious software. Obviously with the large market share of Operating System, it is a prime time for hackers to target in order to steal bank details etc when users use online banking or to install randsomware “pay us if you want to access your files again”. In addition to Microsoft not supporting Windows 7, hardware vendors such as Intel have dropped support for Windows 7. This means that newer computers do not have Windows 7 drivers and thus Windows 7 will not run on newer hardware they produce. This is likely to become more and more prevalent as there is little incentive for hardware manufacturers to spend resources supporting a legacy Operating System. Other software companies especially those who make internet browsers such as Mozilla, Google may also drop Windows 7 support soon, which will once again make it even less secure.

Fortunately the free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 still works as I demonstrated a few moments ago.

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