Creating a Windows 7 or Windows 10 Bootable USB with Dell System Drivers

I have put together some new installation guides which instruct in the slipstreaming of Dell System Drivers and in the case of Windows 7 Updates into Windows 10 and Windows 7 Installation Media Respectively:

This can be both be used to leave the system in a state which is very similar to a Factory Image.

These guides are only applicable to Dell Business Models such as the Dell OptiPlex, Latitude, Precision and XPS ranges. Dell Driver Packs are not available for the Home Models such as the Inspiron or Vostro Ranges. The Windows 10 guide can possibly be modified for other OEMs such as Lenovo using the Lenovo SCCM Driver Packs.

2 thoughts on “Creating a Windows 7 or Windows 10 Bootable USB with Dell System Drivers

  1. Phillip, love your writings! Are you able to provide me with guidance re: the following, WRT a Dell Dimension 8400, vintage 2005. It was running WinXP beautifully, but the hard drive has failed. I don't expect Win10 to be a viable solution (but not sure), so was planning to install Win7. I had purchased a Windows 7 Upgrade CD quite some time ago, but had not tried to install it. I have a new HD (not SSD) ready to install.

    Is there a reasonably straightforward path to installing Win7 on this machine, perhaps via ISO download, USB install, etc.? If you can provide a link to one of your writings that covers this, I would be very grateful.

    Or, is it worth trying to install Windows 10? Path to proceed?

    Or, maybe I should just give up on this old beast? 🙂

    Thanks much in advance!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. That is an old model and will not run Windows 10 very well. It won't run Windows 7 terribly well, although it should install if you use the 32 Bit version. Bare in mind that reaches End of Life in April 2014. You can download the Windows 7 iso from Microsoft and make a Bootable USB (note it will need to be setup for the MBR partition scheme and NTFS file format as this is a legacy system). Install without a Product Key for a 30 day trial, this will allow you to determine how good Windows 7 runs on your system without wasting your key. If you want to activate you'll need to do via the Command Prompt:

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