Windows 10 RS1 is out (Anniversary Update)

Looks like I have Windows 10 RS1 of my Dell Latitude 7350 now.

Note the loss of the watermark. Note the change of Edition from Windows 10 Pro Insider to Windows 10 Pro.



licenseagreementactivation screen

2 thoughts on “Windows 10 RS1 is out (Anniversary Update)

  1. It's a real pleasure to read your website.

    You've already explored the Windows 10 Anniversary update? From what i've read, this update allows you to exchange hardware. To have this possibility, we must create a Microsoft account. I want to benefit from this! So, if I create a Microsoft account am I thereafter always forced to sign in or can I enter directly? Currently I do not have an account so I do not sign in. It's a lot easier and faster.

    1. Glad you like my content so far.

      I have been testing mainly OEM licenses which will be tied to the original motherboards… so haven't attempted to exchange hardware. Also I am waiting for the updated RS1 installation .iso.

      Maybe I will try with a custom built system however.

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