Windows 10 – SSD Boot Drive and HDD Data Drive

Microsoft have implemented one of the features we were requesting in Windows 10:

An easy way to save documents, music, pictures and videos to a secondary Data HDD by default.

They also let you move Apps whether they mean only Metro Apps or other Applications I'm not sure yet. I'll need to test it. Unfortunately theres no option to move the downloads folder, hopefully this will come soon.

Select Start and then select the button at the top to expand the start menu. Select settings.


Select system:


Select storage:


Change the locations as desired:


4 thoughts on “Windows 10 – SSD Boot Drive and HDD Data Drive

  1. Question, what about for some games that store files in appdata and etc? Where do they go in this case? For even when I install lets say Skyrim to my HHD drive it will install perfectly. But all saves and settings are stored in appdata/steam under my SSD drive.

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