Windows 10 9926 Test – Inspiron 7437

Windows 10 Installation with UEFI and SecureBoot Video Demonstration// //


  • Part 1 Downloading Windows 10 and Rufus.
  • Part 2 Creating the Bootable USB (GPT for UEFI and SecureBoot)
  • Part 3 Preparing Preinstallation SATA Drivers
  • Part 4 BIOS Settings – UEFI and SecureBoot
  • Part 5: Windows 10 9926 Installation
  • Part 6: Downloading System Drivers
  • Part 7 Installing System Drivers


Additional Notes Before Installing – Dell Backup and Recovery Playlist

Important Feedback

Minor Feedback

  • Windows Explorer icons look terrible, like they have been made from Microsoft Paint. Bring Back the Windows 8.1 icons or have an option for users to change them.
  • Update the Windows and X Menu (Right Clicking the Start Button) to make it look like part of the Start Button.
  • Add Windows Defender (Right Click Context Menus) and Add Windows Defender to the Windows and X Menu.
  • Add Windows Defender Offline to the Windows and X Menu.
  • Add a Utility to turn a Windows 10 .iso into a Bootable USB to the Windows and X Menu (and possibly download the .iso).

3 thoughts on “Windows 10 9926 Test – Inspiron 7437

    1. Windows 8.1 is not a free upgrade from Windows 7 you will need to pay for a Windows 8.1 product key to perform the upgrade. In my opinion the cost of the upgrade is not worthwhile.

      Moreover it will be an extremely short lived upgrade.

      In Late Summer Windows 10 will be released and Microsoft have made it know that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to all Windows 7 users if they take the offer during the first year of Windows 10's release. It will also be a free upgrade for Windows 8.1 users if they take the offer after the first year of release.

      As a consequence if you pay for a full license of Windows 8.1 then you will only get a few months use out of it and its not worthwhile.

      This guide illustrates how to install Windows 10 Technical Preview (a pre-release test version). If you want to test this ensure you make the Factory Backup (Bootable USB Flash Drive) with Dell Backup and Recovery before proceeding.

  1. Which one option choose for install by creating media USB flash drive or ISO for upgrade windows 8.1 from windows 7

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