Research and Fluorescence Instrumentation


Although I am the sole author of the Unofficial Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide I do not work for Dell and my real job is as a Researcher at the University of Strathclyde Photophysics Research Group industrially linked to the Research Group’s spin out company HORIBA Scientific IBH.

HORIBA Scientific are world leaders in scientific equipment and in the case of our division, the field of Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

I completed my PhD thesis “Nanometrology using Time-Resolved Fluorescence Techniques” in April 2016. My PhD thesis covers fluorescence instrumentation in probably as much detail as my Dell Windows Reinstallation Guides cover Windows Installation and should be a nice reference for those working in the field of Fluorescence Spectroscopy or Fluorescence Microscopy/Nanoscopy.

Fluorescence spectroscopy essentially means the investigation of objects using light. The following guide incorporates some animated GIFs which go along side my thesis as well as pictures of our instruments. Links will also be put over to relevant application notes made by our company.

This guide is for informational purposes for a wide audience, researchers within the field should refer to my PhD thesis.

Basic Introduction to Fluorescence


Additional Tutorials and Introduction to Fluorescence


Application Notes

Instrument Gallery Strathclyde

Lecture Slides

Group Websites


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