Flags of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (CANZUK) and the United States

Disclaimer: Most of the flags and maps have been taken from Wikipedia.

The United Kingdom and the Union Flag

The United Kingdom was made out of 4 countries. England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

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In early days 1284 Wales became a Principality of England:


In 1707 England and Scotland United to become the United Kingdom. The merging of the St Andrews Cross and St George Cross led to the original Union Flag:


In 1801 The United Kingdom United with Ireland. The merging of the Original Union flag with the St Andrews Cross led to the 2nd Union Flag which is one of the most popular flags the world has even seen:


Southern Ireland Becomes a Republic

Unfortunately not all was well with the Union and Southern Ireland decided to become a Republic. Northern Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom.


The ties between Ireland and the United Kingdom however couldn’t be stronger and in 1922 a double referendum was held leading to Free Movement between the United Kingdom and Ireland:


The Red, Blue and White Ensign

The 1801 Union Jack was also present on naval vessels. The British Blue Ensign on British Admiralty vessels, the British Red Ensign on Merchant Navy Civil vessels and the British White Ensign on Royal Navy vessels.


These Ensigns were important for Canada, Australia and New Zealand underlying their national flags:



There is a Red Ensign for each country. The Canadian variant of the Red Ensign was its national flag until it got changed to the Maple leaf in 1965. The Red colour of the Maple Leaf still originates from the Red Ensign:


When I first seen the Red Ensign (which led to this write-up) I bought a 3ft by 5ft one (90 by 150 cm). I see some Canadians feel the same way FlytheRedEnsign.

There is also Blue Ensign for each country. The Blue Ensign is the national flag of Australia and New Zealand:


There is also an Australian and New Zealand White Ensign:


Treason of the United Kingdom

Unfortunately the United Kingdom (and the Republic or Ireland) turned their backs on the rest of the Commonwealth joining the European Economic Area (EEA):



This meant that “British” and their descendants were now treated as foreigners in their own motherland:




The European Economic Area slowly morphed into the European Union. The extremely corrupt and inefficient European Commission has only one goal to dictate a European Superstate.

The adoption led perhaps to deliberate bankruptcy within several European economies. The high unemployment rates in these countries led to European Commission enforced mass immigration from weaker economies to stronger ones. The EU with its Schengen principle of borderless free movement was also a failure because the external border wasn’t protected. Each country seen migration as a fault of others. Strong Economies such as Germany blamed external economies such as Greece and Italy for failure of maintaining their own borders. These countries in turn blamed countries like Germany for having an idiotic chancellor who told the world all migrants were welcome. Countries like Hungary who actually acted to protect their own borders were abused by the liberal leftist media such as the Guardian and the BBC.



In Britain England and Wales predominately voted to leave. Unfortunately Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. The entire UK should leave the EU.


CANZUK (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom)

Leaving the European Union finally allows Britain to be set free. Perhaps it can navigate on the correct path, the path of the Commonwealth:


There is a large support base for free movement between Commonwealth countries:


If you support this movement ensure to Sign the Petition: Advocate and Introduce Legislation Promoting the Free Movement of Citizens Between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For more details see CMFO.org.


CANZUK: After Brexit, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain can Unite as a Pillar of Western Civilisation


British America

13 colonies were part of British America. The Flag of these 13 colonies the Grand Union flag greatly resembles the British East India Company (itself related to the Civil Red Ensign). The Grand Union Flag had 13 stripes representing these 13 states:

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Independent United States of America

These 13 States declared themselves independent from the United Kingdom. Each state was represented by a star and stripe. As the United States of America expanded the number of stars increased to reflect the number of states. The number of stripes remained constant however: