A Sneak Glance at Windows 10 Insider 10 10125

Windows Setup

The setup begins as normal…

0 1 2 3 4

As always select custom (advanced):

5 6

This is the screen you can load SATA drivers on as normal. This installation media should be up to date however and this shouldn’t be needed in the vast majority of cases:

7 8

There are several new screens during the Windows setup….

At this stage you can power down your system and remove installation media. This emulates what you would do if you were selling your computer. I am assuming in the RTM there will be a request for inputting a product key before the setup.


02 03 04

Who Owns this PC

Importantly is the Who Owns this PC screen.

Baring in mind the main difference between Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional was the ability to join a domain. It appears that Microsoft may force users of Windows 10 Home Edition to log in with a Microsoft Account Only.

This could help future reinstallation if they send the Windows 10 Home Product Keys to the Microsoft Account upon first installation:

My Organisation – Option Likely to Show in Professional and Enterprise Editions Only05 06

08 09

I do – Option Likely be the Only Option in the Home Edition

10 11

If you select No Account, you will see if you are forced to sign into a Microsoft Account. There is no option given to skip this type of sign in.


If you disconnect from the internet however and just type in some nonsense in the fields and select next, you will be offered the ability to sign in with a local account (as theres no means to facilitate signing in with the Microsoft Account).


The Start Menu/Screen


By default it will look like this:


You can go to settings and select personalisation:


You can opt to have a full size start screen which will make it more akin to the WIndows 8.1 start menu:


There are also some nice colour options, I have selected blue here:



You can drag and drop icons easily from the left hand side menu to the right hand side start screen and organise them into groups:


Note I have noticed that this doesn’t work correctly in some systems (depending on display adapter and driver) the tiles should occupy the full start screen and not be confined to the middle like this. Installation of VMWare Tools on the VM fixes this.


I had to remove 10122 on my Inspiron 7347 as 9926 was clean installed and the update to 10122 (and previous builds) via Windows Update broke almost every program non-Microsoft installed. It had the same issue with the Start Menu.

For those who don’t like tiles, you can unpin them all and if you have the full size start screen disabled you can resize it so it looks more like a traditional start menu.


You can also enable some folders to show on the left:


Enabling them all:


The right click menu is still there and unfortunately it still doesn’t match the new design.


Windows Explorer

Quick Access

Windows explorer opens by default at Quick Access. Quick access is customisable and you can select what folders to pin here for your own convenience


Just right click your folder and select Pin to Quick Access.



I’ve noticed that you can reorganise the order of quick access by dragging and dropping the folders listed to the left menu (not by dragging them to the right)

quick access2 quick access

Having a look at the File, Home, Share and View tabs:


32 33 34

This PC

You can get to the traditional Computer by selecting This PC


The folder icons etc. are all looking quite nice and we don’t have the terrible colour of yellow previous builds such as 9926 had.

The Computer and view tab show many of the familiar menus:


A small look at OneDrive

28 29

This is on a 60 GB HDD in a VM and it looks like Microsoft have given the option to move the OneDrive folder as they should have for Windows 8, 8.1 and previous Windows 10 builds but didn’t.

This needs tested on a physical install with a >250 GB boot drive to see if they give it under all configurations.

38 39

40 41 42 43

Logging directly into a Microsoft Account for a > 125 GB HDD gave me this the first time I launched OneDrive so it appears the option remains for larger drives:



An easy way to save documents, music, pictures and videos to a secondary Data HDD by default.

They also let you move Apps whether they mean only Metro Apps or other Applications I’m not sure yet. I’ll need to test it. Unfortunately theres no option to move the downloads folder, hopefully this will come soon.

Select Start and then select the button at the top to expand the start menu. Select settings.


Select system:


Select storage:


Change the locations as desired:



The default view of Metro Apps is now as Desktop Windows. The full screen invasion of the Windows Desktop is gone.

Apps can still only have one instance at a time however which limits the use of the likes of Reader and Calculator:


If you are on a small touchscreen device you can get the full screen invasion by turning on Tablet mode in the notification tray:

notification area

The calculator for instance will now be as it was in Windows 8 and 8.1:



[+] This build feels much more polished than previous builds. Folders and icons look nice.

[+] The ability to easily move the OneDrive folder to another drive (needs fully tested with a direct install with a Microsoft Account on a system with multiple drives)

[+] The use of Quick access, the ability to move Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos and OneDrive will make working with multiple drives such as a boot SSD and a data HDD much easier. Quick Access is readily customisable.

[n] The enforced sign in with a Microsoft Account for the Home Edition will annoy some users but as I mentioned if the product key is saved to the account and its easy to get the key and redownload a .iso then its a bonus.

[-] Start screen doesn’t properly with all display adapters.

[+] Start Screen and Start Menu options work well (is full) with the correct display adapter and driver. Drag and drop from the Start Screen to the Start Menu.

[+] Easy installation.



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