Flags of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (CANZUK) and the United States

BREXIT – British Exit from the European Union

Since I live in Scotland, the United Kingdom, am a millennial, voted for BREXIT and think we are completely wrongly represented by the junk called mainstream media so I will give my own opinion. If you are a snowflake giving our generation a bad name – press [Ctrl] and [ F4 ].

On the 23rd of June 2016 the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar had a referendum on remaining or staying in the European Union.


The vote was 52 % LEAVE and 48 % REMAIN securing a BREXIT victory.

Unfortunately Article 50 has not yet been triggered and the public is still attacked by a series of articles of negativity from the mainstream media such as The Guardian and the BBC. The general public are constantly attacked and called xenophobic and racists because they voted for BREXIT, the general public is also anxious because of this constant attack and because Article 50 hasn’t been triggered yet. As always according to the loony liberal left BBC and the Guardian – its okay to be racist as long as its against our own people.

Protectionist policies and motives of further forced political integration as well as resentment of the British people of the European Commission will likely lead to a further degradation between Anglo-European relations…

Luckily the Federalistic European Commission aren’t very popular hopefully BREXIT can help oust them out so we can then deal with our friends in European Countries.

CANZUK – Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

One of the major irks about Britain’s membership with the EU is that we do not have free movement with Canada, Australia and New Zealand nations which are more culturally and politically aligned to the UK than most of the EU nations (with the exception of the Republic of Ireland and also Malta).

For too long being in the EU and having a migration policy dictated by the European Commission has divided Britons from their kith and kin in Canada. Australia and New Zealand…

Schematically joining the European Economic Community our “Immigration Policy” essentially went from this:


To this:


i.e. at that time we rejected our own people who had fought and died alongside us in favour for people we had just been to war with… Something which has never made the UK populace very happy.

New Zealand are Already Embracing this idea – New Zealand Auckland International Airport…


BREXIT has opportunities which few of these doom and gloom articles from the political establishment, BBC, the Guardian etc. mention.

Leaving the European Union means the UK can re-establish trade-links and free movement with its closest allies namely Canada, Australia and New Zealand and to a lesser degree the United States (essentially the Anglosphere where culture, language and hence cross-migration and integration aren’t an issue).

These countries are all doing well outside the European Union arguably better than most European Union countries. C A NZ UK – these 4 countries working together as brethren nations without hindrance of the European Commission will make them even stronger. The Canadian Red Ensign is shown to highlight our historical and cultural links.


Polling of the British public views these countries as the most favourable in the World and they view the UK and each other as the most favourable countries in the World. Despite it being across the World and visas being an issue Australia is amongst the most popular location for British ex-pats and vice-versa. There is already a popular petition looking to re-establish CANZUK free movement and trade. http://www.cfmo.org/

Politically and militarily (five eyes) the UK and people of the UK trust the Anglosphere more than the European Union. The concept of committing the UK to an EU army, higher political integration and potential expansion to countries which don’t share its values are some of the main reasons for BREXIT.

Together we CANZUK do it. If you are from a CANZUK country ensure to sign the petition; change.org Advocate and introduce legislation promoting the free movement of citizens between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Also join the CANZUK Facebook group.

10 DEC 2016 — This week, leaked documents from the UK government revealed that the United Kingdom is drafting plans to create a “prosperity zone” between Canada, Australia and New Zealand upon exiting the European Union in March 2017.

A0 Poster of the Core Anglosphere Flags

I have made an A0 Flag Chart showing the Historic Ties to the Core Anglosphere Nations and their Relation to the Union Flag of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (formerly the United Kingdom and Ireland). Right click the image and select save as to look at it in more detail.


Further Reading

I will list some positive articles:

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Disclaimer: Most of the flags and maps have been taken from Wikipedia and slightly modified.

The United Kingdom and the Union Flag

The Union Flag GIF:


There are 4 nations represented in the Union Flag.

The first is Scotland which has the St Andrews Cross as the National Flag.


The second is England which has the St Georges Cross as the National Flag.

england The third is Wales which has the Welsh Dragon as the National Flag.


And the 4th is Ireland which had the St Patrick’s Cross as the National Flag: ireland

In 1284 Wales became a Principality of England.


In 1707 there was a Union between Scotland and England. The 1707 Union Flag was created by merging the St Georges Cross with the St Andrews Cross. There was an English and Scottish variant. Notes Wales is a principality of England so the Welsh Dragon is not incorporate into the Union Flag:

englandscotlandandwales scotlandenglandand-wales

Finally Ireland joined with the United Kingdom in 1801. The 1801 flag was a merger of the St Patrick’s Cross with the 1707 First Union Flag.



Southern Ireland Becomes a Republic

Unfortunately not all was well with the Union and Southern Ireland decided to become a Republic. Northern Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom.


Northern Ireland remain with the United Kingdom for this reason the flag isn’t reverted to the 1707 Union Flag.

The ties between Ireland and the United Kingdom however couldn’t be stronger and in 1922 a double referendum was held leading to Free Movement between the United Kingdom and Ireland:


Scotland Does Not Become a Republic

In 2014 Scotland had a Referendum to become a Republic lead by the Scottish National Party (SNP). 54 % voted to REMAIN and 46 % voted to LEAVE.

The Red, Blue and White Ensign

The 1801 Union Jack was also present on naval vessels. The British Blue Ensign on British Admiralty vessels, the British Red Ensign on Merchant Navy Civil vessels and the British White Ensign on Royal Navy vessels.


These Ensigns were important for the basis of British oversea territories as well as the flag of Canada, Australia and New Zealand which later be discussed.

The 2nd Union Flag is commonly referred to as the Union Jack…


The British Empire in the 1920’s certainty “Britannia Ruled the Waves“.




Canada’s history is strongly affiliated with the United Kingdom. A series of non-standardised red ensigns were created expanding as Canadian expansion continued. In 1921 the Canadian coat of arms was added to the Red Ensign standardising the flag. In 1957 this was slightly altered so the Maple Leaf was Red.


Although not seen too much there was also a Canadian Blue Ensign:


In 1965 the national flag was changed to the Maple Leaf. The Red colour comes from the Red Ensign:


The Red Ensign is unfortunately not flown too much however since those that served in WWI and WWII fought and died under the Canadian Red Ensign many feel it should be flown more.

The Southern Cross

The Southern Cross is an important star constellation for navigation. It is seen in the night sky of Australia and New Zealand and is so important it is incorporated onto their national blue ensign flags.



New Zealand

The New Zealand Flag adds the Southern Cross to the British Blue Ensign. Ɛ Crucis is not shown on the New Zealand flag:


There is also a Red Ensign:newzealand2


The Australian Flag adds the Southern Cross to the British Blue Ensign. Ɛ is shown on the Australian Flag alongside the Commonwealth Star:

australianblueensign australianredensign

Australian and New Zealand White Ensign

These Flags Were Brought About to Reflect a Political Divide During the Vietnam War. Australia and New Zealand Joined the Vietnam War While Britain and Canada Refrained. To Reflect This Divide and to Distinguish Themselves from British Naval Vessels the Australian and New Zealand White Ensigns Were Created.


The United States of America

Finally someone might ask about the United States. It is also an Anglo-country but not part of the British Empire… Simply put it declared independence and done its own thing too early:


British America

13 colonies were part of British America. The Flag of these 13 colonies the Grand Union flag greatly resembles the British East India Company (itself related to the Civil Red Ensign). The Grand Union Flag had 13 stripes representing these 13 states:

slide71 slide73

Independent United States of America

These 13 States declared themselves independent from the United Kingdom. Each state was represented by a star and stripe. As the United States of America expanded the number of stars increased to reflect the number of states. The number of stripes remained constant however: